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I find that once in awhile it is necessary to write down all of the wonderful little things in life that make us happy. It should go without saying that I love my husband, children and family more than anything in the universe; they are the big loves of my life. But there are a lot of little things that have the power to make my day. Things that bring me joy, satisfaction, give me the warm fuzzies. I want to talk about those things! This is certainly an incomplete list and one that is ever changing, but for today, here a few things that I love.

Big Families – Seriously, if I could afford 8 kids (and had a willing husband) I would have them. I am so intrigued by the inner workings of big families. The relationships, the names, the personalities. Tell me all about it. How is there space? Time? Money? My mom had seven siblings and there are 19 cousins as a result. I love it. So fascinating!

Listening to my sons talk – to me, to each other, to themselves. Their little voices and thoughts on the world are so precious to me.

Watching my sons interact with each other – I am so curious to see what bonds form between them. Whom will be closer to whom, who will butt heads… I seriously can’t wait.

Movies with a ton of characters that all end up crossing paths or impacting each other in some way. (Crash is a favorite because of this very thing!)


Real encounters with spirits or unexplained happenstances – Please tell me all about the creepy stuff!

Falling asleep in the arms of the person I love.

Cold sheets, cold pillow.

Waking up thinking it is later than it is and then finding out that I have way longer to sleep. (Yeeeesssss)

Road trips.

The ocean: the smell, the sound, the taste, swimming in it, watching the movement.

A really good cookie.

Milk drunk sleepy-smiles of my babies.

Watching my kids meet milestones and grasp a concept – I call it “The Light Bulb Moment” when something just clicks. Suddenly, they go from not being able to do something to doing it with ease.

My husband’s laugh – the honest, uncontrollable one. Makes me laugh along with him every time.

The look in Mike’s eyes when he genuinely admires something or someone.

Having zero balances on all of our bills.

Catching a fish.

Singing around a campfire with my Dad.

Making lists and then crossing things off of the lists. (Love! So satisfying!)

True crime stories – The gory details, back story and motive; just all of it. Recently I was introduced to My Favorite Murder by a friend and I am OBSESSED. I feel like these girls made this podcast just for me. (I know that sounds incredibly narcissistic.)

Birth and all of it’s surprises and intensity – I love everything about it and not only mine, but others’ birth stories as well. It is the most natural yet miraculous occurrence in this world.

Two lines on a pregnancy test –  It doesn’t even have to be mine! It is just so exciting! I think it is because I saw so many negative tests during our trying to conceive years that a positive is still new and unexpected in my mind. I am also a fan of welcome surprise pregnancies. (Unwelcome surprise pregnancies can be traumatic and I feel sad for everyone involved in that case.)

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This is my happiest day.

Blank paper – empty journals, new notebooks, sketch pads

An ink pen that writes smooth, bold, and dark – Pilot G2 0.7 point are my favorite.

Bags – Gift, paper, thick plastic (Love you Aldi!) I can find a ton of uses for a good bag.

The complexities of nature vs. nurture and how childhood shapes adulthood.

Personality tests and types, things that affect personality like trauma, culture, family and birth order. (I am an INFJ – Advocate. Take the test!)

Fresh contact lenses.

Wearing new clothes for the first time.

Looking at a situation from all sides and finding that my initial impression may be wrong.

Sharks and shark attack stories – I know that sounds awful, but God… I love ’em! I don’t want anyone to be eaten or attacked. I am just super interested in why this happens and it is simply thrilling how something so terrifying is lurking just below the surface of the most beautiful place on Earth.



When you like everything you bring into the dressing room and have a hard time deciding what to buy. (It’s a good problem to have.)

Piping hot coffee with the perfect cream to coffee ratio.

Being on time (Sadly, I rarely am.)

Soft, sweet baby-fat rolls.


Seriously. I can’t.

Dressing up – Dresses, jewelry, make-up. Love the process from start to finish. Unfortunately, I do not have much reason to get dressed up often. I may start throwing galas in my living room though. You’re invited if you also live an unglamorous life and have the desire to get fancy with nowhere to go. Text me.

Lounge wear – Leggings and tanks are my life. (I’m all about the extremes in apparel. Give me pjs or give me ball gowns. Jeans are not exciting at all.)