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In three weeks, we will know whether baby #3 is a girl or a boy. The wait is killing me. Why? I don’t know. We didn’t even find out until birth with Truman. I found out really early with Grant that there was a good chance he was a boy and then confirmed it at 20 weeks. This time, I feel like I’ve been pregnant with a mystery baby for a year already. It is the first pregnancy I’ve experienced that I don’t have a strong feeling either way about the sex. With Truman I was sure he was a boy. With Grant, I was sure he was a girl in the very beginning but since we learned fairly early on he was a boy, there were very few weeks of suspense. With this baby, I bounce back and forth. Everything about this pregnancy has been so different that I’m tempted to say girl. But actually having a girl seems so foreign to me, I feel like it must be a boy. This has led me to Google every single old wives tale and gender determination trick in history. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

The way I am carrying – High = Girl

Morning sickness – Yes = Girl

Craving sweets or salty food – Sweet = Girl

The baking soda test. Put a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup, pee in the cup. If it fizzes it is a boy, if it doesn’t fizz, it is a girl. = Boy

(While we are on the subject of urine…) Dull or Bright yellow – Dull = Girl

Moody – Yes = Girl

Do I eat the heel of the bread or the middle – Middle = Girl

Has my beauty disappeared – Yes = Girl

Face getting fuller and more round – Not that I can tell = Boy

Chinese gender chart = Girl (This chart has said girl through all 3 of my pregnancies.)

If a toddler boy shows interest in my pregnant belly – Yes = Girl

Extra Clumsiness = Boy

Left breast larger than right breast  – Yes = Girl

Hold a string with your wedding ring over your hand – back and forth = Boy

Craving meat and cheese – No = Girl

Headaches – Yes = Boy

Mayan Tale adds moms age at conception and the year of conception – Even number = Girl (This holds true with both of my boys.)

Hands constantly dry – Yes = Boy

If you pull down your left eyelid and see a V or branches on the white part of your eye – Yes = Girl

The hairline of the previous baby – Grant’s is straight = Boy

Mom’s gut instinct = Boy (Usually)

Acne – Yes = Girl

Ramzi Theory – This theory can make you crazy by the way. See the photo. = Girl


Truman top right, Grant bottom right, New baby left.


Wedding ring on a string over belly – circles = Boy

Heart rate of baby above 140 – Yes = Girl (So far the heart rate has been 162, 155, 148.)

Nose is growing or spreading – No = Girl

Dreams about the sex means the opposite – No dreams yet! However, I only dreamt of girls while pregnant with my boys so I believe this one.

Totals: 17 for Girl and 9 for Boy.

So, as you can see I’ve made myself insane and all for what? I truly don’t have a preference. I would LOVE to experience raising a daughter. Then, I look at my boys and LOVE the thought of having one more. Three adorable boys who are close in age and may grow up being the best of friends. I think the hardest part is everyone else. Almost every person I encounter tells me how much they hope this baby is “my girl.” It makes me think no one will care about him if he is a boy! I certainly don’t want anyone pitying me for having three amazing sons. At one point in my life I was pretty sure I’d never have one child, let alone three. Who ever this baby is, I am so incredibly grateful to have him/her. In 20 more days we will know who will be completing our family. I can’t wait!

Did any of these wives tales hold true for you?