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So, the “Them” part of my life is growing by 1. That’s right! Our plans to have a third baby somehow got on the accelerated track and the summer baby that we wanted to have is coming a year earlier than expected. It cracks me up looking back at how much we did to bring this surprise upon ourselves. A month or so before I found out, Mike and I had this conversation:

Mike: “You better stay away from me January through March. I don’t want anymore winter babies.”

Me: “Yes! A summer baby next time would be great. So… that means I have to get pregnant right now or a in 1 year from now.”

Mike (Eyebrows raised in panic): “Ha! Yeah, a year from now.”

Me  (Exhausted at the mere thought of having a baby at this moment) : “Um, yeah. Next year.”

Then, I began obsessing over timelines. If I had a baby in the summer of 2017, how old would Truman be? How old would Grant be? How many years apart would that make them in school? How old would I be when the baby arrived? And because I’m weird and anal about certain things, I didn’t like the idea that 2 babies would be born on even years and 1 baby on an odd year.

I also began obsessing over girl names. We have always planned to name a girl after my grandma. When my sister got pregnant this year, she asked if she could use my Grandma’s name if she had a girl. Considering that the name belongs to her grandma as well, and there is no guarantee I’ll ever have a girl, I said of course. My beautiful little niece was born in October and has my Grandma’s name, which is perfect for her. But, not having a girl name on the ready was bothering me. (Why? Because I was unknowingly using the law of attraction to make myself pregnant.) We have a boy name locked in because Mike got to choose Grant’s name with the condition that I got to choose the next boy’s name. That girl name was plaguing my mind! I began pouring over name lists online.

Meanwhile, Grant turned one and I was busy with parties and Thanksgiving plans. Mike and I realized we were long overdue for a night out and my friend graciously offered to babysit for us on Friday November 20th. That whole week I couldn’t get a cup of coffee that tasted right. It was too strong, too weak, burnt tasting or bitter. I ordered McDonald’s, Burger King, Tim Horton’s and coffee from our pot at work. It all tasted awful. The night before our big date, I went to bed feeling nauseous. I woke up the next morning feeling nauseous. I hoped I wasn’t coming down with something because I really wanted to go out. Friday at work I peed six times… which is about four times more than I normally pee at work. Right around the third time, I decided I’d better take a pregnancy test later on. I stopped at the dollar store on my way home and grabbed two tests.

If you’ve never taken a pregnancy test before, I’ll tell you a little about how it works. You pee on one end, or in my case you use a dropper to put pee in a little reservoir on one end. (I’m cheap and buy dollar store tests because they work exactly the same way and are $14 less than the kind you buy at CVS. When you try to have a baby for three years and take 6,000 tests in that time, dollar store tests save you $84,000. Give or take.) The liquid starts to move through the viewing window and after 1 to 3 minutes one line will appear if you are not pregnant, and two lines will appear if you are. The “You Are Pregnant” line is first and then the control line. If after three minutes there is only one line, you throw the test away and make yourself a drink. If after three minutes two lines are showing, you drive to the nearest Target and start throwing handfuls of money to the employees in the baby aisle.

On November 2oth, I dropped four drops of urine onto my test and the darkest line imaginable popped up within 2 seconds. I sat frozen on the toilet alternating between giggles and whispering, “No freaking way…” I paced around the house excited and nervous, mostly because I had absolutely no idea how far along I was. See, when you breastfeed you don’t have a period for awhile. Sometimes it comes back in weeks, sometimes months, sometimes years. It is all very dependent on the woman. I still had not had a period since Grant was born (a YEAR ago!) therefore I had no clue if I was a little bit pregnant or ready to give birth. (Not really, I turn into a house while pregnant. There is no way to not notice my enormity after 13 weeks, so I knew I was somewhere in the first trimester.) I decided to tell Mike that night on our date.

My friend arrived and we said goodbye to the kids. We decided to go eat sushi, which is a no-no while pregnant but I decided to go for it anyway. We sat down and ordered and I told Mike I had a present for him. I slid the wrapped package across the table to him, and half of me thought he would figure it out before he opened it and the other half worried I might be blindsiding him completely.


Turns out, I was blindsiding him. He had absolutely no idea that this was a possibility. His face turned white. Then red. Then he got crazy eyes and said, “Woooooowwwww… really? Woooooooowwww…” And then I started worrying that he might run and leave me stranded in the sushi restaurant. He smiled though and I felt better. He laughed nervously and I laughed nervously and we talked about how crazy this was and how amazing that we were infertile for three years and now we will have three babies 3 years old and under. We ate sushi and saw a movie and came home to our boys.

Since that day, I found a new obgyn office and met with a certified nurse midwife. I had an ultrasound which determined I’m due July 12th. I have thrown up more times than I care to recall and have felt down right horrendous. I am emotional, I am sick a lot, I am starving when I’m not throwing up, and I have acne all over my face and shoulders. So far, I’ve not had fun. I am praying that the second trimester will bring some relief. We have settled on a girl name and we are ready for whichever kind of baby finds it’s way to us. I would love to have a girl, but if we have a third boy I will be thrilled. We told Truman that there was a baby in my tummy and he was very excited. He immediately put in a request for his new baby to be black. We gave him a brief lesson on genetics and explained that Mommy and Daddy are both white so unfortunately, our new baby would be white as well. He understood but he was disappointed. Truman has also told all of his teachers at school that he is having a sister, which caused some confusion about how far along I am and I had to clear all of that up. Our families and friends were shocked but supportive and we’ve heard lots about how full our hands will be.

So, we are just rolling along with our third and final pregnancy. I’m trying to savor it all, enjoy it all and really remember it… but so far it hasn’t been easy. I do feel comfortable with this being our last baby though. I feel like our family will be complete.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


The Yeoman Family

Annie, Mike, Truman, Grant and Baby #3