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Hello! Yes, it has been a LONG while since my last post. We are now in Michigan after weeks of chaotic packing and garage sales, many tearful goodbyes and a four day road trip through nine states. I have soooo many stories and all of this stuff I really want to discuss, unfortunately I don’t have WiFi yet and posting from my phone is a royal pain in the ass.

So, I am alive. I am still going to keep writing and I do desperately wish to tell you about our journey from the Wild West to the Midwest. Let me just unpack this house real quick and decide who to pay half of my salary to for internet and cable, and I’ll get right on the storytelling. Just so you know what you have coming…

– Tales of drugging an angry cat.

– Why you shouldn’t give a two-year old bananas in the car.

– Marge, the shiesty front desk clerk.

– Our run in with the law.

– Hilarious and adorable stuff Truman said from the back seat.

– My job quest.

– Our new neighbors.

– What happened to our movers… and my couch.

You don’t want to miss any of it, trust me! I’ll work on the WiFi and you stay tuned. Mwah!