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I am so excited and a little bit amazed that I have written 100 blog posts in the past seven months, and that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I am so thankful to everyone who has read, shared, commented and encouraged this blog. I ask that you continue to do so if you like what I have to say. This is especially important on Facebook where the amount of “likes” you receive dictates how many people see your post! Please like and share as often as you can! I hope to make Just Me! (And Him)(And Them) bigger and better as time goes on. My dream is to write full time, but even if that never happens, writing on any scale is incredibly satisfying for me. I also believe it is necessary to maintain my mental stability! So, in honor of my 100th blog post, here is a list of other accomplishments that I have achieved at least 100 times this year.

I have…

Breastfed for at least 100 million days.

Screamed for pain medication at at least 100 hospital employees.

– Ran screaming from at least 100 spiders.

Narrowly avoided punching 100 people.

– Dodged at least 100 crazy drivers.

– Cried about how much I love my kids at least 100 times.

– Thanked God for my husband at least 100 times.

– Lost the Mini-Cooper game at least 100 times.

– Survived at least 100 tantrums.

– Did I mention the tantrums?

– How about those tantrums?

– Not shaved in at least 100 showers.

– Heard at least 100 words of affirmation from this lovely lady.

Reminisced about my childhood at least 100 times.

– Worried about the future of women and how to change the world well over 100 times.

– Spent at least 100 hours worrying about traumatizing my kids.

– Bitten my tongue and tried to play nice with internet bullies 100,000 times.

I’ve written 100 blog posts about at least 100 important (and not so important) topics. I hope you’ve enjoyed them, and continue to enjoy them.

What was your favorite post so far?