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I have been sick, actually, we have been sick for almost three weeks now. Grant had stuffy sinuses and then chest congestion which has loosened and is now a yucky sounding cough. The congestion created double ear infections for him, so he is on a ten day course of Amoxicillin. I started with laryngitis which turned into a terrible sore throat, then sinus congestion, and has now settled in my chest causing an annoying cough and constant throat clearing. Somewhere between the horrid sore throat and the coughing, I had six straight days of diarrhea which was devastating. Just as I was convinced I had intestinal parasites and would probably perish, it went away. So, now Grant and I are finally on the mend and I feel like there might be an end in sight. I realize though, that this all traces back to Truman.

Truman has had a cough/runny nose for even longer than three weeks, thanks to the grubby little kids at daycare. I can bitch about those kids because I have one of those kids. Truman is just as much of a walking contagion as any one of them. If you just stand back and watch two minutes of the social interaction between two and three year olds, it will be very obvious that they are disgusting. Standard germ trading goes something like this:

Truman walks into the central play area. He is a little shy today, so he feels it is best to shove all of his fingers into his mouth and wriggle them about in there while he warms up. Sarah sees Truman’s discreet cry for help and holds out the toy she is playing with. A kind gesture, an offer to join her in play. Truman runs up to Sarah, pulling his hand from his mouth with great excitement and in doing so, flings a bucket of spit directly onto her face. She barely notices and just uses the back of her hand to slough it off. While she wipes, she loosens a booger, smears it around her cheek for a second until it ends up stuck to her fingers. Truman now has possession of the toy that Sarah had offered him but Sarah realizes that she wasn’t done playing with it and now she wants it back. They are locked in a tug-o-war over the toy, while their chubby little hands cover every square inch of it with his spit and her boogers. Tommy enters the play area! Truman drops the toy and runs over to say hello. Sarah drops the toy and runs over to say hello. Polly picks up the toy, soaked in boogers and spit and happily plays with it alone. Tommy is feeling a bit overwhelmed by Truman and Sarah’s enthusiastic greeting and shoves his hand into his mouth. Sarah sneezes, which makes Tommy laugh and he pulls has hand out, firing a gallon of spit in Truman’s direction. Thankfully, only a small amount of saliva ends up right in Truman’s eye. Sarah helps Truman wipe Tommy’s spit out of his eye, but only after she itches her running sneeze-nose. They all run over to Polly, who is recently potty trained and excited about the fact that she can now reach her butt crack easily with big girl underwear on. With one hand on the previously abandoned toy and the other down her pants, Polly greets her friends. The teacher calls them all to the middle and has them join hands for a round of ring-around-the-rosie.

And that has been two minutes. Rinse and repeat all day long with fifty more kids. My beautiful, intelligent, hilarious little chunky-punky then rushes into my arms at the end of the day and covers me with slimy, sloppy kisses that are loaded with Sarah’s boogers and Polly’s butt germs.

I can’t even think about it often or I’ll obsess over it. If I obsess over it, I’ll quit my job and keep us all barricaded indoors soaking in a tub of bleach water. That just isn’t practical. I also do believe that exposure helps create a strong immune system, and it really does seem to be working for Truman. He is always a little bit sick with minor stuff, but has avoided major illness so far (Knocking on wood!) He has never had an ear infection, pneumonia or strep. He has had a fever maybe three or four times ever. We’ve had one sick visit to the doctor for a prolonged cough which she said could be either allergies or an infection. He did a ten day course of antibiotics, against my better judgment, and the cough was still there – allergies. I think that is pretty good for 2 1/4 years!

I’m just annoyed by the whole thing though. We take really good vitamins, get fresh air, sleep as much as we can and try to eat healthy. Both boys are breastfed on demand and Truman gets junk food pretty much never. I guess we are no match for a playground full of cooties!

I have a new weapon in my arsenal though. I just received my Young Living essential oil kit and am really looking forward to putting those to work. I have the kids wearing lavender and tea tree on their feet today, I’ve got Joy blend on and I’m diffusing Thieves and Peppermint at home… where Mike is laying in bed with the beginning stages of what the rest of us have been battling. If this cycle starts all over again, I may tear my hair right out. I’m praying the oils come through for us. If nothing else, we will all smell phenominal!