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As if I don’t brag enough about my fantastically adorable kids…here is one more post to really seal the deal. Truman has been obsessed with saying “thank you” lately. He says it on his own without the standard, “What do you say?” lead in. He says it to everyone for everything. Hand him a toy, “Tank You!” Feed him dinner, “Tank You!” Put on his shoes, “Daddy! Tank You!” Hold the door open for him, “Tank You!” Give him a dirty diaper to throw away, “Tank You!” It is the sweetest, most heart warming thing I have ever heard. He says it in a tone that makes you believe he is genuinely thankful for whatever you have given him or done for him too, he doesn’t just yell out his Thank Yous willy-nilly. There is an undertone of awe and surprise, like he is actually saying; “Wowww… thaaaank yooou! This is the coolest dirty diaper I have ever had the privilege of throwing in the trash can. I cannot believe you chose me for this most important task!” My heart turns to mushy-goo every time.

This morning I heard Truman cry out from his room and I grabbed my cell phone, praying it was only 1:00 or 2:00. I wasn’t ready for morning just yet. 5:02. Almost an hour before we have to get up. Ugh. I waited for a few seconds, thinking he might just drift right back to sleep; but then he cried out again and started whimpering. I got up and using my cell phone for a light, went down the hall into his room. I saw his bobo on the floor on the side of the crib so I picked it up and went to put it in his mouth, but he sat up and took it from my hand. With his eyes still closed he whispered, “Mamaaa…tank you.” before he popped it in. “You’re welcome baby. Do you want to lie back down?” I rubbed his back and he shook his head no. “Water?” He asked. I found his sippy cup tangled in his blanket and handed it to him. “Tank you!” With that, he got to his feet and I scooped him up. “Do you want to come cuddle in Mama and Daddy’s bed?” I whispered. He nodded yes, and I took advantage of his sleepy stillness to bury my nose in his neck and kiss those soft little chins, his warm full cheeks. I closed my eyes and savored the heaviness of his body in my arms, his chubby limbs squeezing around me. He is growing so fast, and he changes every single day. The thought crossed my mind, What if this morning is the last morning he lets me carry him down the hall? I just needed to make time stand still for a few seconds. I carried him into our room and he wiggled into bed between “Good-Baby” and me. I snuggled him until he got tired of my clinginess, pushed my arms away and rolled over to Daddy… who proceeded to snuggle him to pieces too.

Oh, that boy! He says “Tank You” for everything, but I don’t know how to even begin to say “Thank You” for the gift that he is. He was so worth the wait.