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We cleaned the garage yesterday for two reasons. The first being that I am hosting a big garage/craft sale on Saturday and I needed to separate what I am selling from what I am keeping. The second reason, is because I have moved most of this stuff five or six times without even opening the boxes and I refuse to move more than I absolutely have to back to Michigan. We got everything done but it did take the entire day. I have a clean and organized garage and a ton of stuff for sale, plus we filled three dumpsters with crap we have been holding on to for no reason. It feels really good! I found many, many sentimental treasures but none so entertaining as my journal from 1991. I was nine. Apparently, I was a very old nine. I have left all punctuation and spelling as it was originally written. Enjoy!


We are doing a science project in school. I’m doing mine on wildflowers. I think it’s a good subject. My problem is my Mom keeps making up stupid rules around the house like T.V. have to be off by 8:30 and I can’t watch my favorite Beverly Hills 90210 because it’s on too late. So she tapes it and I can watch it the next day. Now that’s okay but I have to be in bed by 9:00 and Emily is soposed to be in bed by 8:30 but she always goes to bed by 9:00 but if I’m one minute late Mom starts yelling Go to bed go to bed and Nellie gets to stay up till 9:30 but always goes to bed at 10:00. God! Nothing is fare when you are nine.

(Continued later 09/27/91)

My Dad just yelled at me because I accidently dropped a tomatoe on the floor. He said I was too little to help him I just can’t stand when people call me little. Now I’m crying. God, why do I have to cry over every little thing? I hate being 9!! All I ever here is too little too little little little little. I wish people would take me seriously. I’m so mad.


Nellie is such a dam bitch. I hate her dam guts. Get this I was in her room with my radio she was using it to tape off the radio, and I was going in my room, so I could finish cleaning and she said the radio was

(Nellie is my older sister. I am not sure what happened that caused me to end this entry so abruptly, but she seems to believe it is because she came into my dam room and kicked my dam ass.)


I’m in major love. I really like this guy *Jimmy Smith he’s absolutly gorgeus. But how the hell do I get him? I asked him to go with me he said MAYBE. I HATE that word. That word is not in my vocabulary. Jimmy is the love of my life he’s so perfect. His brown eyes and hair they make me so dizy. Here’s a poem I’m making up:

Oh my dear Jimmy
How I lust or your touch.
I want you to myself.
When I think of your voice and looks
I dose off into space
When I think of you I pace.
Back and forth back and forth I go.
Oh how I need to know if you love me too
Oh and I love you.

How’s that sound? Pretty mushy huh? Well that’s what this journal is for isn’t it? Yes it is. Well good-bye.


Sorry not talked to for a long time. I broke my arm but it’s better now. I’m over Jimmy and going with *Alex White. HE IS THE BEST GUY IN THE WORLD! Well maybe not but you know what I mean. *Katie Green said he got me a ring for Christmas I’m going to get him a key chain that looks like this:unnamed[1]

Awesome huh? Well bye.

(Not dated)

Things I love:
Alex White
My horses
*Lily Frank
parents (not like but love)
my room
my clothes
Rhode Island

Things I hate:
Bossy people
*Sadie Collins
*Mrs. Blue
*Miss Yell
broken bones
cold weather
rainy weather

(Not dated)

Today I finally held hands with Alex! Well not really we were about to but the movie ended as soon as we got our hands up! So close. I am feeling very emotional now. I know it sounds corny but hey? I plan on organizing my books in ABC order or on topic or something like that. I am also going to write a will. I’ll probably change it a million times but who cares? I have homework and it is exactly 5:02 pm. We got off of school 2 hours ago. *Jack South and Sadie Collins kiss every day when Jack is going out to our bus. I feel so jealous. Should I kiss Alex I don’t know. I want things to go a little bit faster. But I don’t want to go as fast as sex. Well I’m a bit young for that!! Maybe a peck would be nice.


Alex and I almost broke up today! he accused me of liking *Jerry Mango because I liked Jerry’s answer better than Alex’s. But then we got back with each other. SO ROMANTIC! Ha!Ha!Ha!

(Not dated)

I hate *Mary Glass! She is going after Alex and she called me a cow, bitch, asshole, and told me to shut the fuck up, shut up, and shut my damn mouth. I love Alex and I don’t want to lose him but…….. My mom and dad are idiots. They won’t let me go to Lily’s and they won’t let Lily come over here! Well I’ll write off for now.

So, I think we can all agree on a few things.
– I had Jan Brady syndrome.
– My Mom was pretty “dam” nice to tape 90210 for me, and I didn’t appreciate it enough.
– The drama starts young. Lust? Moving faster? What the Hell?!?!?
– Nine year olds know all the swear words, and they use them.
– Parents are loved but not liked; and they are farther down the list than not only friends and pets, but pizza as well.
– Boys cause girls to act crazy towards each other.

*All names have been changed, just because I didn’t feel like asking all of these people if they minded me using their real names. If you believe you are one of these people and want me to use your real name, I will do so. I apologize for saying I hated any of them, they are all marvelous individuals now that they aren’t trying to steal my man or calling me names. “Mary Glass” and I ended up being very close friends later on in school!