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The other day I wrote about the show Parenthood and how it ended and I cried. Well, there was a part to my whole story I left out because I was not at liberty to divulge the information yet. So, here is the rest of the story…

Shortly before I watched the final episode of Parenthood my older sister called me. I ignored the call since I was changing the baby. I decided I would call her back later. The phone rang again immediately. Of course, when ever my family does the immediate call back thing, I automatically assume someone has died. Horrible isn’t it? I answered the second call bracing myself for the bad news. Instead my sister’s cheery voice said “HI!” I said hi back and asked how she was.

“Good! So listen, I found my breast pump for you, (I had asked her to send her old pump to me since mine sounds like it is ready to die. My boobs have worn it out.) but I know someone who is going to need it around October 6th…” Always assuming someone is pregnant is kind of my thing, so I knew right away that that was what she meant.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Really?!?!?!” I was so excited I couldn’t contain it. I told Mike we were going to have a new niece or nephew. He looked surprised (I think he is always surprised when people have a subsequent child. He knows how insane our lives are with only two.) but happy.

Immediately my mind started charging forward with ideas for a baby shower, wondering if they would find out the sex ahead of time, and what a baby between my sister and her new husband may look like. I was already dreaming of future Christmas parties and sleep-overs, where my boys would have a cousin their age to play with.

See, we have four beautiful nieces on my side. My older sister has two from her first marriage, her husband has one from his first marriage, and my little sister has one. They are all very close in age; 11,10, almost 10 and 9. After my youngest niece was born there was a seven year baby break. Finally, I had Truman and then Grant. My nieces have gotten to grow up together and form a very tight bond. It was so fun to watch them change from babies to tiny little girls to these tween-age ladies, and have each other through it all. I really, really want that for my boys. They have cousins on Mike’s side that are their ages and I love that, but I was hoping it would happen on my side of the family too, and it has!

This is part of the reason why I sat sobbing in front of my television later as Parenthood ended, showing clip after clip of the characters’ growing families. I feel like my family is getting ready to start all over again with a second generation of grandbabies. Mike and I would like to have a third, my little sister could possibly have another one (Hint, hint Little Sissy!) and this baby coming in October creates the potential for five little ones to grow up together like our four big girls have. It makes me so happy.

Plus, (I tried to explain this to Mike, he thinks I’m nuts.) it is really nice to have a sister in the same parenting place as I am. I have friends and acquaintances who are still in their child bearing years, but many of my close friends have been done building their families for a long time or do not have children at all. I’m looking forward to having a like-minded, close Mommy companion to navigate the journey with. I know my sister is an excellent Mom since she has already done a great job with my nieces, but until now a lot of the baby stuff has been left in her past a long time ago. Time to dust it all off and join me in the diapering, breastfeeding, teething, and toddling stages!

Today, I am sending out an enormous CONGRATULATIONS to my dear sister, her husband and their girlies. All of my best wishes for a happy and healthy nine months. I can’t wait to meet this new tiny one.