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The weekend was not long enough. When are they ever? I don’t have a specific topic in mind today, so I’m going to go with a few random thoughts on this fine Monday.

– I liked the Super Bowl. The game was excellent, I was thrilled that the Patriots won, (If the Lions can’t make it, the Pats are my next favorite team. Plus, my other husband is Tom Brady, so…) and I really liked Katy Perry’s show. (Truman danced, clapped and screamed Yayyyy!!!) I did not however, enjoy the commercials this year. Nationwide? Dead kids? Really? I get that these things happen, but must we bring down every fun event with fear mongering?

– Hell hath no fury like Two Year Molars. I had no idea. Truman pointed inside of his mouth and said “ow” on Friday night. I though maybe his throat hurt or he bit his cheek. I looked in briefly and gave him a bunch of kisses and we went about our business. After a number of horrendous temper tantrums, whining and extra sleep on Saturday, I started to look a little deeper. I found one partially erupted molar and his other gums looked swollen. His cheeks were red and he was drooling more as well. Sunday came and the rage pouring from my sweet baby was incredible. Poor guy. The second molar on the same side was showing through by the afternoon. It was a two nap day. For him. Not, unfortunately, for us.

– Friday night I watched the series finale of Parenthood which I had DVR’d the night before. I am really going to miss that show. I just love it! Of course the ending made me cry and cry and cry. I am trying not to spoil anything for those of you who haven’t watched yet, but the obviously sad part of the final episode isn’t what made me cry. It was all of the clips of the characters’ futures, showing who stayed together, who had more children, and who followed their dreams. There is something about a large, growing family that reaches out and squeezes my heart. It makes me think of my own and Mike’s families. My parents are wonderful, I have two amazing sisters who have found great guys to love. There are four beautiful little girls and my two handsome little guys between us, and hopefully more kids to come. I couldn’t ask for better in-laws than Mike’s parents. He has three brothers and a sister, all with really awesome partners. Between the five of them, there are two gorgeous little girls and SIX wild little boys. Again, I hope there will be more in the future. I grew up with a bunch of cousins and love that my kids will too. So, yes. Parenthood’s images of big family get-togethers and all of the loud and crazy fun made me miss home and my family and really made me look forward to moving back. I am also going to miss the Bravermans. Well done NBC.

– I did around ten loads of laundry this weekend and it is still.not.done! I have no idea where this shit comes from. I swear you would think all four of us change outfits six times a day and haphazardly wet down towels just to throw them all around. On top of the sheer abundance of clothing, there is the frustration of figuring out what is still wear able and what is not. Truman has a few things circulating that no longer fit and Grant is whipping through sizes by the minute. I have an enormous basket of single socks and obviously, I have an equally enormous pile of their matches hiding elsewhere in my house…which means there is still laundry needing to be washed somewhere. It will never be over.

So, it was a good weekend with a teething twist. I’m already looking forward to next weekend. I plan on cleaning out the garage to get ready for a huge sale, organizing my craft room and it will undoubtedly include doing more laundry.