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You know how your mind can sometimes wander, taking a tiny little idea and running with it, then suddenly it is twenty minutes later and your original idea has blossomed into something totally different? Just me then? Well, on Saturday I was washing dishes and trying to keep Truman from screaming at me by frantically refilling his plate when the baby started crying. I went to help the baby when Truman decided to eat his food directly from his bowl, (utensils are for losers) and succeeded in dumping it down his front and onto the floor. He found this hilarious, I did not. Where was my husband you ask? Using the bathroom peacefully. In the midst of the chaos all around me I thought, “Must be nice to go to the bathroom alone…” and that’s what started it all. Twenty minutes later my idea had blossomed into a blog post.

Who Would You Change Places With For One Day?

Now, it has to be someone you know personally, no celebrities. I know a lot of people with really great lives. Some have much more disposable income than I do, which could be fun for a day. Some have really active social lives and go to fun places all of the time which could be fun for a day. Some are really attractive and get a ton of attention, also could be fun for the day. Grant gets to sleep, eat and poop whenever and where ever he wants to…could be a good time. No, I think being unable to express myself with words would be really difficult. Plus he isn’t mobile, and who wants to just lay there waiting for someone to change your diaper? Truman gets to play constantly and is also able to throw tantrums…might be fun…but he has grown ups telling him what to do constantly and he can’t just up and do what he wants. Plus, he’d be in my place so he’d be telling me what to do. Not cool. No, I definitely need to change places with an adult. That’s when it hit me. My husband. Out of anyone I know, I would change places with my husband for a day.

He always gets to go to the bathroom by himself.

He always gets to sleep the entire night through.

He never has to pump milk.

He gets to get himself – and only himself – ready in the morning.

He always has control of the remote.

He doesn’t have to wear a bra.

He rarely has to shower with a child.

He declares “me time” and sticks to it.

He never has to use the snot sucker thing (AKA the baby torture device.)

He never does bath time.

He doesn’t have a period.

He gets his hair cut every time it needs it.

He has an awesome wife.

Yes. If I ever get the opportunity, I am trading places with my husband for a day. I think he’d make it three hours as me before begging for his body and life back. An hour if he had to endure period cramps or the breast pump.

Who would you pick? Does your husband have it easy like mine does? (Love You Honey! I’m just super jealous of you today.)