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I was putting lipstick on this morning (in the rear view mirror of course) and suddenly I was blind-sided by the idea for this post. The thought process went something like this:

(There I am, putting on lipstick in the van outside of my office building) “Huh…I look like I have thick lip liner on. What ever happened to lip liner? Remember when it was super cool to use brown lip liner and frosty white lipstick? I miss that. I wish it would come back… I wish a lot of things would come back…”

Annnnddd here we are.

1. Dark lip liner with frosty lipstick. Kim Mathers’ style. Yes, I know it looks ridiculous and as soon as you rub your lips together it all kind of smears around anyway, but for some horrid reason I loved when this was in. Maybe because my lips are thin and the liner had the ability to extend the borders a little while the white shimmering Wet and Wild lipstick in the middle gave the illusion of plumpness. FYI – I still buy Wet and Wild. I lose lip gloss too fast to spend more than $1.00.

2. Flannel shirts. I had a flannel for every day of the week and then some. My sister and I even used to steal my dad’s work shirts! Seriously, the only time my dad has ever had a fashionable wardrobe was in the greasy looking and completely awesome 1990’s grunge style era. (Sorry Dad!) Flannels over T-shirts, Flannels over dresses, Flannels tied around waists…oh, I miss you flannel!

3. Tucked in and bloused out T-shirts. I haven’t comfortably worn a T-shirt since it stopped being cool to tuck it in tight, then pull it almost all the way out, leaving that fantastic muffin top holder all the way around your waistline. Now I either have to buy a girly, form fitting T or leave a regular one un-tucked and bunching around my hips. I don’t like it.

4. Plaid skirts and kilts with tights. My absolute favorite outfit ever was a red/green/black plaid kilt with two awesome faux leather straps with buckles, my black turtle neck, black tights and chunky Mary Janes. I will wear that outfit right F’in now. That is, if I could find even one store that sold it in adult sizes… or at all.

5. T-shirt clips. If I can’t tuck it in, can I at least get my T-shirt clip back? I loved those colorful plastic rings pulling one side of my shirt waaayyy up while the other side draped oh-so-attractively over one hip. Bring it back!

6. Tiny curls. My little sister and I would wake up two hours early for school just so I could style our hair into a million tiny and tight curls. I never mastered the rollers, my head always looked like it got caught in a tornado after sleeping in rollers, but that teeny-tiny pencil thin curling iron did great work. My thumb would be blistered and our hairspray saturated heads would have burst into flames from the smallest rogue spark, but it was allll worth it.

7. Snail mail. I LOVE technology. I’m a Facebook junkie, an Instagramaholic and I recently branched out and opened a Twitter account. I’m glad pound signs are now hashtags. I love it all. But I seriously miss getting letters in the mail. I had hundreds of pen pals when I was a kid. I wrote into one of those free kids magazines that they hand out at schools (and prisons apparently) asking for pen pals. I gave my name, age and address and a few months later, the letters poured in. I would get ten to fifteen letters in a single day sometimes. I had pen pals all over the country (and Bermuda! and Canada!) ranging from age nine to forty-something (yeah, I told you – prisons!) and I wrote to some of them for years. I still love to get the mail, but I’m always disappointed. Bills and flyers only, never any letters or postcards from far away lands (like Iowa) from stranger-friends or criminals. My mail sucks.

8. Dressing up for stuff. I don’t know if it is fair to say I miss it, since I wasn’t born yet when this was common place; but I LOVE seeing photos of people dressed up nicely for day to day activities. Men in suits with hats and smoking jackets, women in dresses, heels, and red lipstick. If I could get my hands on my grandmother’s wardrobe from the 1940’s and 50’s I’d be in Heaven. I am dazzled by a time when people cared enough to look nice for dinners and the theater, but also grocery shopping and going to a friend’s house. These days the only places I see semi-formal wear are weddings and funerals…and sometimes there are jeans present there too!

So, let’s get to work people! Fight for your favorite trend and bring it back! I’m buying flannels after work.