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(That title is actually the title of a really good book by Wally Lamb. Read it. It is one of my all time favorites!)

1. The softest thing in the world is a newborn baby’s head against your lips.

2. It is far more important to be nice acting than pretty looking.

3. The most important thing to have in a relationship is the ability to be yourself.

4. Keep at least one pair of skinny jeans. Even if they are out of style by the time you can fit into them again; zipping them up and seeing them on is a huge confidence booster and a great reward.

5. Watching a two year old play is far more entertaining than television.

6. Write it all down. Otherwise you will forget the beautiful little details.

7. You will find that random and seldom used tool minutes after you go buy a new one.

8. You will appreciate those embarrassing childhood photos one day.

9. Don’t talk shit about your significant other to your friends and family unless you are certain you’re leaving him/her. You may forgive him but they never will. This causes a lot of grief in the future.

10. Babies cry for a reason. Hold them through it.

11. Good eyeshadow is expensive and worth it.

12. If someone is abusive to you in ANY way, don’t waste another second of your life with them. Get away now.

13. We are a co-sleeping, breastfeeding, extended rear facing, non-spanking family, among other (even more controversial) things. These are our choices. Our beliefs. I don’t care what you choose for your family, you shouldn’t care what I choose for mine.

14. Apologize when you’re wrong. If you are never wrong, apologize for arguing. (You all know who you are!)

15. Hug the people you love. Even the ones you just like. And the people you just met. Hug everyone you don’t hate.

16. Try not to hate. It takes a ton of energy and makes you feel dark inside. If you despise someone just cut them out of your life and move on.

17. Cats are assholes. Dogs are too, but you should have at least one of them.

18. Drive defensively and don’t mess around behind the wheel. The majority of funerals I have attended have been car accident victims. You are not invincible.

19. Cleaning the shower is easiest to do while taking a shower.

20. Drugs are not worth a lifetime of rehab, treatment, relapse and repairing relationships. Just don’t start in the first place.