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I had a few different ideas for entertaining blog posts today, however, I seem to be having a hard time nailing down coherent thoughts about any particular topic. Instead, I’ve decided to share the random thoughts that are getting in the way of my organized blog-worthy thoughts.

I am not at all worried about Ebola.

I have a sales event on Saturday where I will be selling (trying to sell) a bunch of my crochet stuff. I priced everything out last night and have a few little projects to finish up, but I am really excited about participating in this event! Unfortunately, I also seem to find something to worry about every time I do anything. What if I don’t sell anything? What if no one shows up to the sale? What if I go into labor before the sale? What if I haven’t appropriately priced my goods? What if all the other vendors sell out but I don’t? Somehow, all of these things are more worrisome to me than Ebola. Huh.

My due date is approaching at break-neck speed. I have not washed “the big stuff” yet. Car seat, bouncy seat, swing, port-a-crib, all need to be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. The car seat base needs to be installed. My hospital bag is NOT packed. I have no idea what I am even bringing to the hospital. If Grant decides to come before my Mom arrives on the 7th, I have no real plan in place for what to do with Truman while we are in the hospital. I have not pre-registered at the hospital yet.

My house is…not clean. I spent a lot of time on Monday cleaning the living room and dining room and doing laundry. Those rooms are in acceptable condition. Bedrooms, one bathroom and the kitchen are not. My Mom is coming on the 7th and I’m sure she would like a bed not covered in yarn and paperwork to sleep in. She may even appreciate a floor that is not littered with dust bunnies. My bedroom is the worst in the house and I’m really not looking forward to recuperating in there post-child birth. The dog is in dire need of a bath. All of this needs to be taken care of…soon.

I have two weekends before my due date. This Saturday is the sale, Sunday I am having maternity photos done and we are doing my belly cast. I want to take Truman to the pumpkin patch, and we tried last weekend but it didn’t work out (I’ll have to tell you that whole story…) Next Friday is Halloween, next Saturday is a friend’s birthday party and that leaves next Sunday as my only free day to do all of the crap that I am worried about getting done. If Grant comes any time before then, none of it will be done and then what? Um…I’ll probably be just fine, but that doesn’t prevent me from worrying about it!

I could really use a no-strings-attached large sum of money right about now.

How can I return to work after maternity leave, make around the same amount of money as I currently make, but work half the hours, allowing me to spend more time with the kids and avoid paying for childcare? This one keeps me up at night. So far, I’ve come up with: Become a drug dealer. This doesn’t work for a number of reasons. 1. I know nothing about drugs. 2. I would be caught and imprisoned immediately. 3. I’m not sure that this is the best idea for a bright and happy future. Other option: Rob a bank. 1. I know nothing about robbing banks. 2. I would be caught and imprisoned immediately. 3. I’m not sure this is the best idea for a bright and happy future. Next Option: Win the lottery. 1. We do not have the lottery in Nevada. Back to the drawing board!

So, these are most of the reasons I can’t focus today. Oh, and it feels like my uterus is going to fall out every time I stand up. So…there’s that. Hey, at least I’m not worried about Ebola!