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I didn’t have time to write a fantastic, entertaining blog post today. I thought I’d just take a few minutes and touch base to let you all know a few interesting and fun facts about my life lately so you didn’t miss hearing from me. (Because going one day without hearing from me would be awful.)

I cleaned my bathroom this weekend. It was so horrific that it took me all day on Saturday, but now my bathroom is so amazingly beautiful that I don’t want to leave it. I just want to ignore the rest of my messy house and hang out in the bathroom.

I am participating in a HUGE sales event on the 25th and trying my hardest to crochet as many hats, headbands, bags, and other fun stuff before then. I am really hoping to sell a lot and make a little extra cash. Since none of my maternity leave is paid, the more extra money I can bring in the better. Unless everyone in my home can survive on breast milk for eight weeks?

I had to answer phones all day at work today and it sucked. I hated every second of it and unfortunately I’ll have to do it every Monday from now on. I’m really pretty excited that I only have a few more Mondays before I leave and hopefully by the time I get back they will have scrapped this whole idea. I’m an optician, not a call center representative! I do try to be a team player (gag) but this is going too far.

Truman has added a ton of words to his vocabulary lately, and just keeps shocking me with new and random observations. He pointed at a chair and said, “Chair!” and the color blue and said, “Blue!” He also told me the lights in Target were too bright by pointing up and saying, “Light…” and then covering one eye and shaking his head. It is so, so, fun to see him connect things. He is also really into pretending. He pretends to eat or drink or mimics our movements and then laughs and laughs. Thankfully, he’s a goofball so he fits in perfectly with our family.

So, that’s about it for right now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something extremely important to write about that will make you laugh and cry and hug your significant other, but today this is all I can muster!