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I have a co-worker (I’ll call her Gina) who refuses to believe I’m having a boy. Gina insists that this baby is a girl and asks every day how “she” is doing. I always tell her if this kid comes out a girl she’s in big trouble. Not that I would be unhappy with a girl, but we kind of have a boy engrained in our hearts now…not to mention a ton of boy clothing, and very, very little a girl could wear without everyone thinking she was a boy anyway. I really don’t want to have to run out and buy, well, anything so I’m hoping that two ultrasounds have been correct and we do in fact have our boy!

Last night, Truman ended up in our bed because he kept waking up and wanting me so I felt I would probably get more sleep if I just brought him in to bed. Turns out, I still didn’t get much sleep because I was forced over to the very edge of the mattress by two greedy boys who snore and stretch out with reckless abandon. It is a king sized bed people…I had six inches of it! Anyway, at some point in the night I had a dream.

You know the dream that takes place in the exact place that you are in real life, so it feels real? Yeah, that happened. Just like reality, I was in bed. Truman was next to me and Mike was snoring on the other side of Truman. I felt the baby move, a big movement down low, so I reached down to touch my belly. I felt a hand! At first I thought it was so cool that I could actually feel fingers and a whole hand through my belly, but then the tiny hand grabbed my thumb! I pulled the covers up and looked down, and saw that the baby was almost all the way out. I yelled at Mike to wake up, that Grant was here already and I reached down to pull him into my arms. Mike jumped out of bed and got a towel and brought it to me. I was holding the fattest, squishiest, dark haired baby ever and was in NO pain. Then Mike said, “That’s a girl!” I looked for myself, and sure enough, I had a big baby girl. (Who was also five weeks early?) I told Mike to call the doctor since she was too early and I couldn’t believe she was a SHE. Then I said, “It is all Gina’s fault!”

Then I woke up. I instantly grabbed my belly and made sure Grant was still in there, and then blamed Gina again, for making me have crazy dreams. She got a kick out of the story today and reiterated that I was definitely having a girl. Girl or Boy, I hope I have the kind of labor I dreamt of! Now, that would be a dream!