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I work full time, Monday through Friday. On Tuesdays and Fridays, I come into work at 8:30 and leave at 5:30 because the doctor/owner of the practice prefers I stay late when she is here, but the rest of the week I work from 8:00 to 5:00. My mornings can be hectic sometimes, but mostly follow a straight forward routine.

Wake up, wake Truman up, and take Mike to work by 6:30.

Come home and lay back down with Truman for 20 minutes. (Usually this lasts for about 5 minutes before he doesn’t want to snuggle anymore and he goes into the port-a-crib to eat Cherrios while I snooze for the remaining 15.)

Get up and get ready.

Get Truman ready.

Pack both bags for the day and leave by 7:40.

Drop Truman off at daycare and get to work by 8:00.

On Tuesdays and Fridays, everything gets bumped back by 30 minutes. I sleep in a little longer and leave a little later, which is nice at the time, but no longer seems worth it when I’m sitting in my office from 5:00-5:30 which feels like an eternity.

Anyway, this morning was a little different. Truman woke up just as Mike was getting in the shower and I took him back to bed with me. We cuddled and slept until it was time to take Mike. Truman did NOT want to get out of bed. He cried, said “No!No!No!” and batted at my arms and face when I carried him to the car. I told him we would only be gone for a few minutes and then we would come back home and could cuddle some more. This seemed to satisfy him and he rode quietly to drop off Daddy and was content when we got back home. I carried him inside and we went straight to bed where he snuggled as close to me as possible, nursed for a few minutes and fell sound asleep.

I set my alarm for the usual time and closed my eyes. When the alarm sounded twenty minutes later, I turned it off in a hurry and looked down to see this beautiful, soft, fluffy little boy burrowed into my chest. Those long, beautiful eyelashes rested on his round pink cheeks, his lips were slightly parted with slow deep breaths. His little body fit like a puzzle piece against my own, his knees curled just under my belly and his arm tucked under mine around my side. We were just warm enough and just cool enough, there was no discomfort in my body screaming at me to change position like there usually is as of late. My back didn’t hurt, my hips didn’t hurt, my arm wasn’t asleep… every single cell in my body told me not to get out of that bed. So, I didn’t. I set my alarm for 7:30 and decided to pretend it was Friday. I closed my eyes and enjoyed thirty more minutes of amazing cuddle time and rest. When the second alarm went off, I felt much more ready to start my day. I kissed the sweetest, little plump cheek ever to have been created, tucked a pillow in to the empty spot I left on the bed and got in the shower. Truman woke up just as I was getting out and the rest of the morning went beautifully. I text a co-worker the following message:

Oops! Thought it was Friday and slept in. I’ll be in at 8:30 if anyone asks.

I got to work at 8:30 on the nose and no one realized anything was out of the ordinary. I felt a little guilty for lying to my friend but after thinking about it…I’m not sorry. I needed this morning. My baby needed this morning. No one at work needed me this morning, or even noticed that I wasn’t here for an extra 30 minutes. Was it responsible? Probably not. Worth it? Absolutely.