I did not prepare a blog post for today. I just a have a bunch of stuff going on in my head and I didn’t have it in me to put something legible and intelligent together. Instead, I will give you a list of what has been running through my brain today. (You’ll be happy I didn’t try to come up with something meaningful and wise.)

  • I joined a group that will give me an opportunity to sell my crafty stuff at a face to face, craft show/garage sale type of venue which is awesome.
  • I wonder if I could possibly make enough money doing this full time that I wouldn’t have to return to work after the baby is born (Insert visuals of snuggling Grant in a Moby while making millions selling hats and headbands and baby afghans.)
  • I want to make some jam this weekend.
  • Pears and peaches are on sale…I can make jam with both!
  • My kitchen is a nightmare.
  • My bedroom is a nightmare.
  • My closets are a nightmare.
  • Why are some people so F@$^%&! annoying?
  • I need to buy green yarn for Ninja Turtle costume orders.
  • I wonder how long I’ll be in labor.
  • I should tell my sister how cheap flights are to Vegas for the spring.
  • Oh, this weather is beautiful. I hope it doesn’t heat up this weekend.
  • I hate the smell of that perfume.
  • I should just clean the damn house all weekend and forget about jam.
  • Ugh it is climbing back into the 90’s this weekend.
  • Hahahaha my Facebook friends are funny!
  • God! Who is wearing that perfume?!?!?!?

So…there you have it. A sample of my thought pattern today. Aren’t you happy I didn’t try to write something important?