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I get to leave work early today to attend Vision Expo West. Vision Expo is a huge conference for people in the optical industry. They have one in New York (East) and one here in Vegas (West) every year. I usually go at least to check out the exhibition hall and have taken a few continuing education courses over the years as well. This year I’m meeting up with my friend (the optician at our other location) and we are going to visit with a few of our vendors and check out the exhibits to see what’s new. The only thing that sucks is the fact that I’ll be waddling around with my 8 month pregnant belly through hoards of people and will probably be tired and swollen and sweaty by the time I leave. I will also have to pee a million times while I’m there so I hope the bathrooms are plentiful and not spaced six miles apart. I decided to forgo professional attire and wear shorts, a tank top and flip flops because, well, I really just don’t care how I look to a bunch of people I’ll never see again. So, cross your fingers that I make it around without too much complaining and my friend doesn’t ditch me after my 45th bathroom break. Oh, and that I can manage to find parking at the Venetian. Have a great weekend!