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So, I may lose a few of you with this post, but I have to tell you all about Jewel. About six months ago when we were trying to get Truman to sleep in his port-a-crib in our room instead of in our bed with us, I would cuddle or nurse him to sleep in the living room and then transport him to the port-a-crib in our bedroom. It didn’t matter how long he had been sleeping in the living room, or how smoothly the transfer would go, about fifteen minutes after laying him in the port-a-crib he would wake up screaming. I’d go into the bedroom and he would be standing up sobbing, wide awake. It was as if he’d been harshly woken up and then was scared, not like a dreamy fussy wake up due to his binky falling out or something. I’d calm him down and we’d start all over. In the morning, I would get ready for work and Truman would have long and lengthy conversations with someone while I was showering. He would laugh and babble and laugh some more. When I got out of the shower, the conversation would stop and he’d play quietly until I finished getting ready. If I left the room to get his breakfast ready or go find shoes, he’d be laughing and talking again! I jokingly told Mike that I thought Truman had a ghost friend. That’s when things started to get really strange.

One day Truman was playing in the living room and Mike and I were finishing breakfast in the kitchen. The main area of our house is all open, so we can pretty much see into the living room, but there is a half wall separating the living room from our poker room (what should be a formal dining room but we like poker more than being formal.) that blocks the view of a large part of the floor. The couch is backed up to that wall. Truman was unable to climb onto the couch at that point, he had tried and tried but his arms just couldn’t grasp the couch and his legs were too short to pull his body up. As we finished eating, suddenly Truman’s head popped up over the half wall! He was standing on the couch! He started laughing and I went in to grab him, completely surprised that he was able to get up there. I put him on the floor and he immediately tried to climb back up…but couldn’t. I said, “Did your little ghost friend give you a boost?” and brought him into the kitchen with us. Mike and I were trying to figure out how he got on the couch by himself, when the TV volume suddenly sky rocketed and scared us all half to death. The television had been on but the volume was really low, since we weren’t watching it. It was now blasting so loud I couldn’t get into the living room fast enough to turn it down! I assumed the cat had stepped on the remote or something, but the remote was on the mantel and both the cat and dog were sleeping in the other room. No one but us…and Truman’s ghost friend.

We both agreed that the situation was weird. When I put Truman to bed that night, I said out loud, “Don’t wake him up. He can play with you tomorrow.” and…he didn’t wake up. That night I had a dream that my niece Rozalyn told me about a little girl that Truman was playing with, and that only he could see her. “She is seven and her name is Jewel. Just like the jewels on her dress.” I woke up to use the bathroom and when I went back to sleep, I dreamt that my niece Avah told me the same thing. “Truman has a friend named Jewel, just like the jewels on her dress.”

A few days later, our little stereo fell off the half wall. It fell forward, yet somehow landed on it’s back, facing the opposite way. No one was around it when it fell. Shortly after, I was getting ready for work, and my blow dryer turned on by itself. I hadn’t used it in over a week and it hadn’t been moved or touched. It just turned on while sitting on my bathroom counter next to me. I turned it off, unplugged it and tried not to be too creeped out. I told Jewel not to do things like that anymore, and she hasn’t. Truman wasn’t able to get on the couch by himself for another month at least, and once he did it alone, he did it a million times over.

We’ve decided to just embrace Jewel’s presence. She hasn’t caused any issues lately, though I sometimes tell her to be quiet and let Truman sleep if he’s having a rough night. It works. Maybe there are perfectly reasonable explanations for these occurrences, or maybe I’m just crazy but I prefer to think that Truman has a little ghost friend watching out for him. Her name is Jewel, just like the jewels on her dress!