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At 30 weeks pregnant, I am so very thankful for my maternity clothing. Even as I shook my head in embarrassment today at the sheer massive size of my own underpants, I am still grateful that they exist.

1. Everything feels like pajamas. If you have a job or have had a job that required you wear scrubs, you know exactly what I mean. Maternity clothes, like scrubs, are roomy and soft, the pants don’t have buttons or any type of restrictive closure. Maternity clothes are even better because they are also stretchy! Just like jammies.
2. No zippers. Maternity pants generally have a banded top and no button or zipper. Which means you A. Don’t have to fight to get them closed no matter how gigantic your belly gets. B. Never have to worry about your zipper being down in public.
C. Won’t get that uncomfortable button imprint on your skin when your pants get too tight.
3. With the full belly paneled pants you can wear your biggest, ugliest, most comfortable underpants and never have to worry about someone seeing them hang out of your jeans when you bend over or sit down.
4. The under belly pants have a snug, wide elastic waistband that holds the pants just under your belly and around your hips. They stay put! You can kiss your belts goodbye!
5. You can get away with wearing styles that normally don’t work for your body. Do baby doll dresses usually make you look pregnant? Cool, cause you are. Muffin top usually prevent you from wearing low rise jeans? The stretchy band on maternity jeans is muffin top proof. Love handles usually stop you from wearing form fitting tops? Tight shirts showing off that round bump are encouraged and adorable. You can now be an uninhibited fashionista.
6. These clothes are designed for expanding waistlines and widening…everything. You can wear the same clothes from the positive test all the way to delivery day and they will fit. They never make you feel bad about your weight gain. They never refuse to go on, button, pull up or close.
7. If you have stains on your shirts, everyone understands. Your boobs and belly are sticking out ten times farther than usual and catch every piece of food, and brush up against every dirty surface they come in contact with.
8. No one cares about what brand you are wearing. Maternity clothes are maternity clothes, Wal-Mart, Motherhood, some fancy-pants boutique or garage sale…no one cares.
9. This may be one of the only times in your life that you’ll have an excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe. Live it up!
10. Buying your first item is really, REALLY fun. It means this whole pregnancy thing is real. It means your body really is changing and even if you can’t feel movement yet and no one can really tell you’re actually with child and not just chubby, you are going to be a Mom soon…and that is super, super exciting.