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I was getting coffee the other day in the break room and overheard a few ladies on television discussing some new magazine list of sexiest celebrities and artists. They were going a little crazy over Keith Urban and Blake Shelton, and I was reminded of a Friends episode. First of all, Friends is my all time favorite television show. I own all ten seasons on DVD and could watch it every day. I don’t get sick of it. Ever. Back to the break room, I was reminded of an episode in which Ross makes a list of celebrity women he is allowed to sleep with without Rachel getting mad. Freebie sex partners, if you will. He has a hard time narrowing it down and when he does, he has it laminated. That sounds ridiculous but it also sounds like something I might do. Because I like things final, neat, official and…well, laminating stuff is cool. Now I’m wondering who I would put on my list. There are plenty of attractive men in Hollywood, but many of them also seem like complete douche bags. Would that really matter in the case of a one time celebrity romp? I mean, could I overlook someone’s rude or ridiculous behavior because they were just that good-looking? Then I slapped myself and realized the entire concept is ridiculous because even if I ran into one of these guys, there is next to 0% chance they would give me a second look, and I’d be way too embarrassed to act even if they did. So, just for fun. Here is my laminated and official list, in no particular order.
Jesse Williams
Tom Brady
Bradley Cooper
Johnny Depp
My runners-up included:
Brad Pitt
Mark Wahlberg
Paul Rudd
Mario Lopez
So, who is on your laminated list? (And if I run into Brad Pitt tomorrow, I’m bumping him up to the official list. Laminated or not.)